Covid-19 VS. Eziil
The Covid-19 pandemic has in a very short time changed the world dramatically in many ways and as we all know, also created an unparalleled affection for toilet paper around the world.
Peoples hands are cleaner than ever, and shaved heads has become fashion amongst men who otherwise would not shave them. From a business perspective, most companies worldwide are struggling and looking for ways to get ahead and come out of the crisis while still intact. This is not different in the manufacturing sector; the effects of the pandemic have been terrible. But hold on a second. Is it only doom and gloom or could there actually be a remote chance there are some potential bright spots somewhere during this crisis? Well, challenge accepted! I'll try to show you that there are some real opportunities for manufacturing companies through digitalization. You might think this is not the time to think about things like progressing and thinking new, but I beg to differ!

We at Eziil will always strive to turn any problem into an opportunity, this is a major principle integrated throughout our organisation. One of our Slack channels is called #greatsuccess and it's used more than you would think for a company of 20 people. It does not mean that we are the most successful company in the world (yet) but we believe in bringing to attention and celebrating everything positive we can extract from our workdays. It creates a really good "vibe" in the (home)office and – thinking about it – I might write a separate blog post about that another time.

In Eziil we also believe the world will more than ever need tools like Eziil to be able to do more work with less resource. Oh... there you go: "Getting more work done with less resource", that's one opportunity for something helpful already! ✔️

OK, let's get serious about this. When I get serious about something like this, I like to create tables and lists. I'm a 'table and list' kind of person. I therefore thought it might be appropriate to make a table about 1) some of the effects the Covid-19 virus have had, 2) what we believe the market impact to be and 3) how our software – Eziil – with its intelligent digitalization of production can help to mitigate these ill-effects.

So, without further ado, here's the already hyped-up table for you…
So, there you have it! There are ways that digitalization can help manufacturing companies through difficult times. We will continue to develop, improve, upgrade, polish and shine our software so that anyone already using, and those who will start to use it will increasingly get a better and better journey together with us.

Stay safe and healthy!
  • Rune Wennesland
    CBDO @ Eziil