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Prepare data
Simple basic data entry ensures more effective resource planning for upcoming processes.
Supply chain
The supply chain feature gives an overview of ordered goods in transit with delivery times. This guarantees optimum stock balances and reduces inventory storage costs.
Several important reports include project outcomes showing the plan vs. reality. Based on this information, it is possible to make better decisions with the next projects in the future.
Correct operational reporting gives a realistic overview of the current situation in production. Rescheduling processes is easy if necessary.
Customer revenue
Our customers are happy with us
Kait Lukka
To make production easier and help our management make thoughtful decisions, Eziil has developed a production program for us that makes it easier to monitor production and create reports for our customers.
Veiko Saluste
The benefit of Eziil is that it doesn't matter what device or operating system it is used. Eziil is automatically compatible. It can also easily be integrated into other machine languages. I am interested in the fact that data can be easily moved, copied, found and added.
Martin Vahi
Eziil is an ambitious team! They have a solution that is more than standard MRP, they have a solution for production companies of any size.
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Green ICT grant
We have been accepted to the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program „Green ICT". The objective of the Grants is to reduce social and economic disparities and strengthen...
We have been funded!
Eziil team has great news to share with all of you! We have raised a funding round with Superangel fund...
Eziil team, who builds their own program to give recommendations for business managers on how to organize their production, came up to the winner of the prestigious prototype idea event...
Winner of Prototron
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