Webinar: features and capabilities of EZIIL production software
About the webinar
Eziil's webinar is for those manufacturers who want to implement production software in their company and are looking for what's on the market. We will give you a concrete overview of what we offer and a look at the basic features of the Eziil software.
Who is the webinar for?
Eziil's webinar is designed for:
Manufacturing managers
Information professionals
CEO’s of manufacturing companies
Production Planners
The host
The host of the webinar is Siim Sirel, the trainer of Eziil MasterClass
Siim Sirel is an experienced manufacturing practitioner who has an overview of manufacturing processes from the perspective of a production engineer, a production manager, and a software implementer. Siim knows the common bottlenecks in implementing production software and how to overcome them.
Eziil creates value for manufacturing companies in four departments, and the webinar takes a closer look at how.
Preparing data
Simple basic data entry ensures more effective resource planning for upcoming processes.
Supply chain
The supply chain feature gives an overview of ordered goods in transit with delivery times. This guarantees optimum stock balances and reduces inventory storage costs.
Several important reports include project outcomes showing the plan vs. reality. Based on this information, it is possible to make better decisions in future projects.
Correct operational reporting gives a realistic overview of the current situation in production. Rescheduling processes is easy if necessary.
Can't attend? In case you're not able to join, register anyway and we will send you the recording after the live webinar.
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