Prepare your documentation and send cutting sheets and work orders to production fast

✅ Import data ✅ Add drawings ✅ Assign a technology ✅ Send out production-ready work orders
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Manage the production process from importing data to sending out work orders with 87% fewer mistakes*

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  • Import data
    With Eziil you can import your production data straight from an Excel file, copy-paste it or insert it manually if you like to.
  • Add drawings
    Simply add drawings to your data. Eziil supports JPG, PNG, PDF, DXF, and STEP files.
  • Assign a technology
    With Eziil you can assign and re-use technologies in similar projects. You don't need to start everything from ground zero each time.

    All operations are standardized and distinctions are distinguishable.
  • Print production-ready work orders
    Update your projects with Eziil's simple revisions feature and print out work orders, that the production can start using right away.
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