The usage of Eziil's production software in production
Based on the case of one of Eziil's clients

Industry: metal industry

Team size: 15 employees

A metalworking company with 15 employees in Tallinn was having trouble with the profitability of its projects before using Eziil. Budgeting of projects based on a "gut-feeling" was common, but there was no real data on the accuracy of the calculation and subsequent information on the profitability of the projects.

The solution

The company introduced Eziil software to control costs, which solves the following tasks in production:

✔ Calculation of the cost of the product is done through Ezil

✔️The work is planned in Eziil

✔️The team gets a real-time overview of the status of orders through Ezil

✔️The project summary is conducted through Eziil

The solution in action

With Eziil's software, the team has a clearer understanding of which projects are losing money and which projects and products are worth the most. Since the introduction of Ezil, the company has refined its pricing policy and introduced changes to its product range. The changes made them more profitable than before.

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