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Eziil is developing the best digitalization software for project-based metal manufacturing. Eziil let's you focus on what really matters - keeping your production running as smoothly as possible.

Eziil comes in modules, so you can deploy them step-by-step. Digitize only the processes you need to, when you need to.
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Systemize your production data, prepare technology faster and get your projects into production. Eziil BOM gives your team one single source of truth. Waste less time on administrative work, make fewer mistakes and keep your production running.
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Know exactly what needs to be done, when, and how much time it really takes. Plan and schedule production to make your manufacturing process flow with maximum efficiency.
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Manage all your outsourcing needs from subcontracting to project-based material purchasing to planning and buying standardized materials. Make sure procurement never delays your production.
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Optimize your stock management with a real-life overview of batches, certificates, prices, etc. Know exactly what you have in stock, where, and for how long.
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Collect feedback from the shop floor about project status, prognosis, and outcome. Collect direct reporting from production machines about certificates, materials, the QC process, and more.
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Get a complete overview of your past, present and ongoing projects. Compare expectations to reality and find out what works and what doesn't.
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Ship your products quickly and easily. Don't waste time on double paperwork and put together all relevant project documentation, certificates, bills, drawings, etc. in one easy step.
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We're building Eziil in collaboration with our customers and solving their real-life problems on the way.
Do you want to become part of the journey? We have a special Golden Ticket program available for early adopters. Find out more!
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