The usage of Eziil's production software in sales
Based on the case of one of Eziil's clients

Industry: metal industry

Team size: 15 employees

A metalworking company with 15 employees in Harju County was experiencing difficulties in communicating between the Sales and Production Department before the introduction of Eziil. The problem was that the sales department and the production were located in different buildings and the production master, therefore, had an inadequate overview of orders. A frequent problem was that the delivery dates promised to the customer were exceeded because the information did not reach production and back. There were also cases where the wrong product was sent to the customer due to inaccurate information. All in all, the customer experience suffered.

The solution

The company introduced Eziil's software, which acts as a link and information source between the sales and production department. With the help of Eziil's sales module, the team has solved the following tasks:

✔️The order is tracked from Eziil to sales invoice

✔️Claims are registered in the database

✔️Sales invoices are sent to accounting software with a few clicks

✔️Sales statistics and reporting are easily accessible

The solution in action

With the help of Eziil software, the production master can get an overview of orders placed by the sales department without duplication of data. The solution enables the production department to plan its work more precisely. In addition, delivery notes and labels are automatically created based on the price charged by the sales department, thus eliminating their past mistakes in delivering to customers.

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