The usage of Eziil's production software in warehouse
Based on the case of one of Eziil's clients

Industry: Manufacture of furniture

Team size: 30 employees

A furniture manufacturer from Harju County with 30 employees was struggling with insufficient stock information before Eziil was introduced. The team only had a stock view when they went over to the warehouse and were counted. A typical situation could be when a production worker came in and signaled that some of the material was out of stock. In these cases, the employee had to find a replacement or the management even had to send them home before the material was delivered.

The solution

The company deployed Eziil's software to monitor the stock, with which they have solved the following tasks:

✔️Stock status is real-time and can be monitored from their desk

✔️The materials are easy to find in stock because of the shelf locations

✔️They were able to get good value from Eziil with just a few clicks

The solution in action

With Eziil's software, the production manager can now get an inventory view without leaving the office. By monitoring the minimum amount of inventory, the production manager can prevent downtime and order the necessary materials so that work is not stopped, thus ensuring a smoother organization of work in the production department.

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