Eziil's new product manager. Welcome, Alex!
We have in Eziil a specific way of how we work. One of our values is transparency and we try to live up that value by action not only words.
Hereby we introduce Eziil's new product manager Alex!
This brings up a lot of questions.

Like usually we should start with "why?"

Eziil has been developed years based on one by one client feedback. Lately, we have got a lot of new clients so we need to change the way we work. Holding up the old way of product management is not possible anymore. We need to work smarter not harder to get to next-level also with the Eziil product. Product has become more important since it had a clear impact on the client's satisfaction, support, onboarding, sales, and marketing. In short, we call it traction and traction needs to get better.

To get to this point is crucial that we have the right people in the right seats. Product manager's number one objective is to create a clear understanding of what will go into the product and whatnot.

Now we will ask some questions from Alex, so you could get more familiar with him. We do it a bit differently, we don't invent these questions, we asked our clients what they want to know about Alex.

Interesting, let's look at what are the questions and answers.
What is your earlier background?
What know-how do you bring in to Eziil?

Lauri Kivi (CEO of Arras Construction Furniture OÜ)

Alex: I have a long history of working in customer support and product management in SaaS-based startup. My first product experience was in Pipedrive in 2016, however, I joined the company when there were only around 7 people, that later grew to 600. So I was able to witness and take part in different product approaches and techniques. Another company that I had the pleasure to work with is Veriff, that had to solve entirely different problems, I think I joined when there were around 50 people back then. Seeing how the company grew and the product evolved definitely will aid me to drive the product of Eziil forward.

How informed you are with manufacturing?
Based on what you will start to make decisions?

Karto Kõrv (Production Manager of Sunorek AS)

Alex: Data-driven. I am sure you heard this before, but it is still as valid as it was before. My goal is to collect as much qualitative and quantitive data as we can and make an informed decision that would work for most of our users and the business. While the industry is new for me, what remains unchanged is my customer-centric approach. My focus is still on the problem and how to solve it in a way that would work for both the users and the business. Also, the reason for the survey to come, I hope to get into the minds of our users and establish a constant feedback flow. By collecting real live data and feedback from actual users, I can then analyze the information and see the patterns, where are the main areas that work well, and which parts of the product need improvements. However, this will not come easily with just one survey. My real goal is to find users that are willing to talk more about their experience and share their thoughts openly and frequently with the product team.

Why this, not anything else?

What interests you about productions?

Veiko Saluste (CEO of Interchemie Werken de Adelaar Eesti AS)

Alex: It's an entirely new field for me. While SaaS is not a new experience and I have a history of working for a SaaS-based startup, MRP is a different beast. What excites me the most is the problem to be solved, rather than the production in general. When I joined Pipedrive I had no clue what is a CRM, now I can't imagine how salespeople manage without it. Same with MRP, I want to understand the whole situation around it and how it can be solved so that someone entirely new could just come and start using it.

From 1 to 10, how motivated you are doing that job, and why?

Rainer Kütt (CEO of Viljandi Metall AS)

Alex: Working as a product manager was always my goal, I just didn't know about it. Perhaps back in the day, I didn't know how the role was called, the best practices, or the challenge that comes with this role. However, working with the users and solving their problems was something I was always happy to jump into. If the job that are you doing is interesting, then motivation will follow. Eziil has lots of interesting challenges and huge potential to grow professionally as well as to try something new. But to answer the question it's a 10, I don't think I would be here today if it was anything lower than that :)

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