Get real-time actionable insights from your
production data

The best MRP software for custom metal fabrication!
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Digitize your production,
turn data into knowledge - and act on it.
Real-time capacity planning
Plan and optimize your resources in real-time. Know exactly how much production capacity you have and prevent bottlenecks. Give hard deadlines to your customers with confidence.
BOM and Planning
Real-time purchase management
Get total warehouse control and visibility. Know exactly what materials you already have and what you need to purchase – across all projects. No more guesswork and skimming through spreadsheets.
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Real-time work progress
Get a live project progress overview from the shop-floor. Assign digitized work orders to shop employees and get real-time progress feedback. Operatively keep on top of your production schedule.
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Real-time project margins
Compare project price estimations with real performance and find out where your profit is made. Close the gap between estimations and real results. Understand how they impact the higher-level P&L.
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We play well with others
Eziil fits seamlessly in your fabrication toolbox!
Your projects and challenges are unique – but the solution doesn't have to be
We know custom manufacturing and we've seen that most problems manufacturing companies face are universal. Implementing the first step in Eziil takes less than a week.
Digitize only the processes you need to when you need to.
Maido Janke, CEO of Eziil
See it for yourself!
We'll focus on understanding your unique challenges. We don't believe in sales. We do believe in adding value, solving problems and making life easier.
Is it difficult to implement?
Implementing Eziil takes less than a week and you don't have to do it all at once. We are cloud-based so you don't have to worry about servers, backup or tech management. You only need an internet connection. We don't discriminate against any OS system – Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android – all goes.
    How fast will I see results?
    Depending on your previous experience and process maturity, but usually, you'd start seeing results in even less than a month.
      How much does it cost?
      We have monthly payments based on which functions you use and how many users you have. Eziil comes in modules so you don't have to go all in – implement step-by-step and progress according to your needs.
      How will I know it's right for my business?
      Eziil is the best solution for custom metal fabricators whose every project is unique. If your team is bigger than 20 people and you handle complex custom projects, Eziil is probably the answer to your challenges.
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