About Eziil

Software for project-based metal manufacturing

Our founders, Maido, Tiit and Kaido spent years developing software solutions for different manufacturing companies. They may have lost some hair along the way, but not their sense of wonder and appetite for innovation.With nearly half a century of manufacturing experience between them, they knew first-hand that any meaningful changes in manufacturing strategy can only stem from an accurate and efficient flow of data.

Together, they set out to build the best manufacturing software for metal industry SMBs. That’s how Eziil was born.

Today, 90% of Eziil’s team has a manufacturing background. We know that most problems manufacturing companies face are universal.


Long story short — since 2020 Eziil helps technologists and engineers in project-based metal manufacturing work smarter, better, faster, stronger.

Meet Eziil’s founders

Maido Janke

CEO, co-founder / maido.janke@eziil.com

Maido has 20 years of production experience, as well as knowledge in IT, ERP systems, processes, and sales. He is a good communicator, knows how to motivate and inspire people, creative, visual, and values the growth mindset.

Kaido Karu

CPO, co-founder / kaido.karu@eziil.com

Kaido has worked in the IT sector for more than 20 years. He has been a global ERP implementer, infosystems building architect, and project manager.
Kaido has a deep understanding of how the production process works and can work out solutions to all types of complex problems.

Tiit Remmel

CTO, co-founder / tiit.remmel@eziil.com

Tiit has worked in the IT sector for 16 years. He has designed and built information systems for productions for almost 7 years.
Tiit is open-minded and a fast learner. He values communication and teamwork.

Meet Eziil’s team

Hannes Ilves

Head of Customer Success

Erki Jeedas

Eziil Standard Business Manager

Jaak Veebel

Eziil Project Business Manager

Riiko Kaseorg
Krista Viira

Marketing Assistant

Sigrid Janke
Kauri Raba
Mirko Gedvil
Jaan Oras

Our advisors

Sergei Anikin

CTO and interim coCEO at Pipedrive

Rein Lemberpuu

CEO and Founder of Contriber

Proudly Backed by

Marek Kiisa

Lead investor I Superangel One

Sergei Anikin

Angel investor

Siim Teller

Lemonade Stand

Raido Pikkar

Thorgate Ventures II

Hanno Murrand

Tiksoja Puidugrupp

Simmo Soomets

Angel investor

Taavi Türner

Angel investor

Martin Henk

Angel investor

Veiko Raime

Angel investor

Taavi Tamkivi

Angel investor

Sonny Aswani


Tarmo Rooteman

United Partners

Aivar Berzin

Vestman Energia

Kuido Lepik

Angel investor

Lauri Antalainen

Angel investor

Jaan Murdla

Angel investor

Ivar Kurvits

Angel investor

Andres Märtin

Angel investor

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