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Eziil BOM software helps your engineers prepare
production technology faster and easier.
No spreadsheets, no hassle!
Digitalization in project-based metal production doesn't have to be complicated. Implementing Eziil BOM takes less than a week.
Information flows. Less time wasted on administrative work so the project moves on to purchase and production.
Less delays and production stops. The process is simple and everybody has the same source of information.
Our customers
Eziil is made for project-based manufacturing.
  • Project-based
    Every project you handle is different, has multiple stages with multiple levels and many rows.
  • BOM with Excel
    Your customers send you different Excel BOMs with drawings that you need to standardise before production.
  • Assigning technology
    You need to assign technology and additional production information before purchasing can arrange project materials.
  • Sub-production
    You subcontract some of the production operations and have to provide clear work tasks and drawings.
How Eziil BOM works
Import data
Import your production data straight from an Excel file, use copy-paste or insert it manually.
Add drawings
Add drawings to your data (JPG, PNG, PDF, DXF, and STEP files). All documents are connected to the BOM.
Assign a technology
Assign and re-use technologies in similar projects. You don't need to start everything from scratch each time.

All operations are standardized and distinctions are distinguishable.
Print out work orders
Printing out work orders for every operation takes less than 5 seconds. Work order information is always structured the same way and materials sorted in the right order. All necessary drawings are automatically included in printing.
Real-time Capacity
Plan and optimize your resources in real-time. Know exactly how much production capacity you have and prevent bottlenecks. Give hard deadlines to your customers with confidence.
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working smarter
Compared to Excel, get your work done 40% faster with Eziil!
Some projects that were made with Eziil.
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less mistakes
Using Eziil leads to
67% fewer mistakes.
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