Managing production technology and documentation is easy with Eziil
With Eziil you can move your projects fast through your pipeline starting from data import and ending with printing out work orders or sending out structured data for a price offer.
  • Multi-level BOM
    The number of BOM sub-levels is not limited - specify as many sub-assemblies and details as necessary.
    Multilevel BOM steps are easy to open with the + sign, and of course, it is possible to open and close the whole BOM tree completely at the same time.

    In addition, it is possible to open each assembly in a separate TAB window (such as chrome, etc.).
  • Articles library
    A unified material article base with the necessary additional information (specific weight, density, etc.) ensures that all technologists use materials with the same names/codes and that the weight calculation is always the same.

    As a result, it is also easy for purchasing and production people to understand what the material is.
  • Operations
    Define the activities used in your company to be used in the production of parts and assemblies as operations in Eziil.

    The operation can be general, such as sawing or welding, but depending on the specifics of the company, you can also specify the operation as "PRODUCT ABC welding", etc.

    Worksheets can be printed for each operation after entering the project technology.
  • Pre-defined additional fields
    Add pre-defined fields to the attributes of operations, which can be immediately filled in or required in advance, etc.
    For example, add a "bending angle" field to the bending operation and set it to a required field, and this will ensure that the "bending angle" value is filled in the bending operation at all times.
  • Files library (.pdf; .dwg and others)
    It is possible to add a drawing (detail/assembly drawing) to each BOM line, and it is also possible to add different drawings, section files, etc. to the operations.

    They can be printed automatically afterward with the necessary worksheets.
  • Import from Excel
    It is possible to import even a 2000-line BOM from Excel with the necessary operations and their additional information (operation attributes).

    The import function from Excel checks whether such materials exist in the material base and, if so, takes all the necessary information about the material and makes the correct calculations per kg and m2.

    If the correct material is not detected during import, it will still be imported and then it will be possible to replace the materials en masse with the article in the article base, and then the kg and m2 parameters will be calculated.

    Duplicate details/assemblies data, etc. are also checked upon import.
  • Drag & Drop
    Move parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies to the right place with a simple and modern drag & drop method.
  • Reusable assemblies
    If you have already created a part or assembly in your project, or even a master assembly with 1000 lines, and you need to reuse it, you can re-enter it in just 3 seconds.
  • Automatic calculation of quantities (kg, m2)
    In all rows, the kg, m2, and total data are automatically calculated in each BOM step.

    If you change any data (for example, part length, etc.) on any part line, kg and m2 will be recalculated on all related lines (parent assemblies, etc.).

    This change will also occur immediately on duplicates.
  • Printouts
    It is possible to set up different prints for each operation, such as a pick-up sheet, a worksheet (contains the necessary drawings), and a packing sheet. The pick-up sheet contains a list of materials/parts/assemblies required for the required operation.

    The worksheet with the necessary drawings contains the information needed by the worker performing this activity.

    The packing list is intended so that when a part or assembly is ready, it is known where it must go and, accordingly, it needs to be placed on a base x or y or something else at all.
  • Project stages
    An unlimited number of stages can be created for each project.

    Sometimes a client orders a large project and wants to create it immediately for smaller stages.

    Stage logic can also be used to divide a larger project into smaller stages for your production to make it easier to manage.
  • Versioning
    Imagine that you have inserted the BOM technology and now a customer calls to say that an assembly needs to be redesigned. This feature is for situations like this.
    Open the corresponding project and create a new version, add a reason and create a new version with copied drawings and lock the old version.
    The entire required version will remain as it is and, if necessary, the history can be viewed if it can no longer be changed.
  • Material cost calculation
    Add the quantity, dimensions to the material line, and you will immediately see the material consumption of this line in monetary value, as well as the material consumption number of the upper assembly, which will change immediately.
  • Work cost calculation
    Add operations and time to a line of material, or create general time spent on operations, and you will immediately see the labor cost of that line in monetary terms, and the labor cost number of the parent assembly will change immediately.

    You can already calculate the cost of a machine, the cost of a worker, the cost of electricity, etc. in the logic of labor costs.
  • Subconstraction output in .zip format
    If you specify that the operation is outsourced, you can create a .zip file in the subcontractor after entering the technology, which contains all the necessary documents that the subcontractor needs to perform this work.

    The zip contains, for example, worksheets, a list of materials, and the necessary drawings.
  • Part labeling system
    There are many details, which are similar, but are they correct for the project or not?
    This is solved if you implement a label marking system. Labels can be printed automatically with worksheets.
  • Un-do and re-do
    Accidentally moved a row to the wrong place or changed the wrong cell number? Don't worry just use ctrl + z and you can undo this move. Yes, even if this action changed another related 100 lines of data.
  • Pre-defined routes for operations
    If you constantly use the same sequence of operations + attribute information on many details or assemblies, you will be able to create routings and you will be able to quickly perform single-row operations with their additional information.
    For example, if you constantly use the same colour schemes, you can use a routing system for that.
  • In-app file modifications
    You open a drawing and discover that there is something wrong with it?

    No worries. It's easy to fix it right away and save it. You don't have to do anything else!

    This change will be saved in Eziil.
  • Structures copy-paste
    You can use the usual copy-paste method, such as excel, to move data in and out of the BOM.

    For example, take the entire "quantity" column from a block in Excel, and paste it as a whole column into Eziil.
  • Multi-window drawing viewer
    Work with detailed line data and at the same time, you can open a line drawing that opens automatically on another monitor - so it is convenient to compare the drawing and the information in the line at the same time.
    If one line is checked, go to the next line and the drawing of that line opens automatically, and you can also easily fill in and check the data of this line with the drawing, if you do not want this function, just turn it off.
  • Shortcut codes
    Many of Eziil's functions can also be called up quickly using key combinations.
    For example, assign shortcut icons to your operations, and if you are in any field on the corresponding row, you can quickly add to the row (part or assembly) the necessary operations that need to be performed to make that part or assembly.
  • Advanced filtering system
    In addition to a conventional filtration system, "and" "excluded" and similar filtration solutions can be used.
  • Option to add columns
    Add additional columns to your project view that you need, for example, you can add the% completion of projects or% completion of departments, etc.

    You can also add different columns through the usage of operations attributes to the BOM view.
  • Printouts with your design
    Are the prints we designed not suitable for you? Don't worry, they can be made to suit your needs.
  • Rollback
    Set an interval of how often your projects are copied and, if necessary, you can restore the project from a backup file.
    Do you want to make a specific schedule or other outputs?
    This is not a problem, we provide API output and you can create your work schedules.

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