Real-time production overview with Eziil software
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Tuesday | May 9th
Free of charge
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In custom metal fabrication a real-time overview of planned processes is crucial to avoid mistakes and delays. It all starts with work organization that allows you to make promises that take capacity into account. In this webinar, we'll look at how to get to such work organization with Eziil.
Who is this Webinar for?
Sales Manager
Purchase Manager
Production Manager
…how to get all your departments working together so that when one finishes, the next work position can use this information as a starting point to continue with their work. All in all, it all comes together into one overview to understand what is going on in production. So that you have an overview and can make decisions instead of reacting to events.
This Webinar is for you if...
  • You feel that information doesn't move well between departments
  • You detect delays only when the work should already start or the shipment should go out
  • You need to compile information from different spreadsheets to get a full picture
  • The sales and purchasing departments don't reach a common understanding of whether you have production capacity or not

  • Your planning is based on individual gut feeling and there's no real overview
  • The bottleneck moves all around production
  • You have to physically go on site of the production to get a production overview
  • Your only measure of profitability is the income statement
This Webinar answers the following questions:
  • How to promise deadlines to customers you can keep?
  • How to plan so that you detect delays before it's too late?
  • How to start moving towards better planning today?
  • How to make sure that information isn't stuck in people's heads or in Excel?
  • How to understand in real time how far along the projects are in terms of planned time?

  • How to make decisions that allow you to make more money?
  • How to make sure that you win the trust of your customer and secure your future orders?
About the speakers
Maido Janke
Maido has been working in various productions for over 20 years, helping them to systematize and organize their production processes using digital solutions. He has been the implementer of ERP systems, as well as the factory manager and owner. It gave him an experience of how painful it is to make day-to-day management decisions simply by guessing. Without information. This led him to co-found Eziil to build from years of experience, the best software for project based manufacturing. In the webinar, Maido helps to see the benefits from the perspective of the manager or owner, ask difficult questions and draw more attention to important parts of the process.
Jaak Veebel
Jaak has worked in project-based metal production in various positions for over 17 years. He studied machine construction and started his journey as a technologist. From there he moved on to become the head of the technology department, from there to the master of the department, and he was also the production manager and factory manager. This has given him an excellent overview of all the positions and pains there. Which gives him a chance to talk about his experience of how Eziil BOM helps solve these challenges.
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Time: May 9th 2023, 3 pm UTC
Duration: 45 minutes, including Q&A
Language: English
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Real-time production overview with Eziil software

May 9th, 2023
3 pm UTC
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